The Candidate Whose Supporters Have the Worst Credit
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The Candidate Whose Supporters Have the Worst Credit

The Fiscal Times

A new survey from WalletHub found that more than half of voters say they have excellent credit, with John Kasich voters being the most likely (60 percent) to report top-notch credit scores. Just 11 percent of Kasich supporters said they had a bad credit score.

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The survey found that a quarter (25.7 percent) of those planning to vote for Hillary Clinton had bad credit scores -- the most of any candidate -- although 51 percent of her supporters reported having excellent credit.

The data in the nationally representative survey is self-reported, so the results need to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, there are some interesting nuggets of information in the report. For example, Donald Trump is the only candidate without a majority supporters claiming excellent credit. While the majority of supporters for all other candidates report excellent credit scores, Trump supporters fell short of 50 percent, though just barely – 49.8 percent said they have excellent credit scores, while 20.5 percent said they had bad ones. Of the six candidates, the two Democrats and Trump appear to have supporters with the worst credit.

Presidents and Credit Scores

A survey last month found that Marco Rubio supporters had the highest credit scores (with an average of 693), while Ted Cruz supporters had the lowest (653). However, that survey included only users of the financial website Credit Sesame, so results may not translate to the broader population.

A poll last summer found that voters were actually more attracted to candidates who had been in debt than to those who were personally wealthy. That study found that 21 percent of voters said it was a negative for a candidate to be wealthy, while 27 percent said it was a positive for a candidate to have been in debt.

Republican primary results since that poll, however, call those results in question. After all, Donald Trump, the wealthiest candidate, has drawn the most voters, while Rubio has struggled to remain relevant.