Contagion in the Midwest
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Contagion in the Midwest

First Democrats ditched Wisconsin to avoid having to vote on a bill that would strip public sector unions of the ability to collectively bargain.

The contagion in the Midwest is spreading.

Now according to the Indianapolis Star they're leaving Indiana, and will likely to go Illinois as well.

Remember what the point of this move is. If they stay and vote against the measure, they'll lose and the vote will pass. By leaving the state they cause the state house to drop below quorum, thus preventing a vote.

The reason they leave the state is so that the governor can't have the police arrest them and drag them home, and the reason they go to a state like Illinois is because the Democratic governor their -- Pat Quinn -- won't have them arrested either.

This is obviously great news for possible Presidential candidate Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. A fight with Democrats on this issue will boost his standing significantly.

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