7 Crazy Corporate Morale Boosters
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The Fiscal Times
July 28, 2011

A good job may still be hard to find for many Americans, but employers increasingly concerned that their top talent might be poached are taking more steps to keep their best workers. A recent survey of human resources executives by outplacement consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas found that “many employers are bringing back some of the perks that were cut during the recession and others are introducing new ones.”

The competition for talent is particularly fierce among tech firms, where vibrant—and quirky—office cultures are blossoming once again to help entice engineers. Plenty of offices offer free snacks, or even gourmet cuisine at the cafeteria. But other companies have opted for more creative ways of spicing up office life.

Executive Editor Yuval Rosenberg oversees coverage of business, the economy, technology and Wall Street. A former web editor at WNYC, Fortune and Newsweek, he also writes on a wide range of subjects.