Root, Root, Root for the Negotiating Team
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Root, Root, Root for the Negotiating Team

Brett Deering/Getty Images

With one month already canceled, what’s to become of the rest of the 2011-12 NBA season

The National Basketball Association labor dispute has given fans little hope. In fact, negotiations have taken on the feel of the last minute of a close game -- furious action for a short time, then a lot of waiting for play to resume after the latest time out.

Despite all the threats and bombast that accompany bargaining between the jocks and the owners, the 2004-2005 NHL stoppage is still the only time a major sports league in America has canceled an entire season. Each of the other three other leagues has had its share of turmoil though. (Major League Soccer labor relations have been uneventful, but that’s a single entity still in the process of establishing its fan base. Plus, the labor rules are not the same.)

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