The List That Brought Down The Super Committee
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By The Fiscal Times Staff,
The Fiscal Times
November 21, 2011

As the conversation about our national debt and deficit have taken center stage in the past year, one man increasingly stepping into the spotlight is Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist and his organization, Americans for Tax Reform.     Today’s news that the Super Committee will announce failure to achieve even a small reduction in the deficit, $1.2 trillion, many have pointed the towards Norquist and his organization's anti-tax pledge.  They have stated that fidelity to the pledge has superceded the need for compromise to produce effective governance.   But what is this pledge, and which members of congress have signed it?

Norquist started soliciting signers to the no-tax-increase pledge from state capitols to Capitol Hill in 1986 with the passage of the landmark Tax Reform Act. ATR currently has signatures from 238 House representatives, 41 Senators, 13 governors, and all of the GOP presidential candidates except former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. Norquist, who is known for saying conservatives should want government so small they “can drown it in a bathtub,” has even collected several Democratic signatures. For Republicans, signing the pledge has become litmus test of a true conservative. The oath has evolved into a staple in every campaign, with the ATR providing ground troops and money to help conservative candidates secure a seat in Congress.

AL-Sen Jeff Sessions (R)
AL-Sen Richard Shelby (R)
AL-01 Jo Bonner (R)
AL-02 Martha Roby (R)
AL-03 Mike Rogers (R)
AL-04 Robert Aderholt (R)
AL-05 Mo Brooks (R)
AL-06 Spencer Bachus (R)

AK-Sen Lisa Murkowski (R)
AK-AL Don Young (R)

AZ-Sen Jon Kyl (R)
AZ-Sen John McCain (R)
AZ-01 Paul Gosar (R)
AZ-02 Trent Franks (R)
AZ-03 Ben Quayle (R)
AZ-05 David Schweikert (R)
AZ-06 Jeff Flake (R)

AR-Sen John Boozman (R)
AR-01 Rick Crawford (R)
AR-02 Tim Griffin (R)
AR-03 Steve Womack (R)

CA-02 Wally Herger (R)
CA-03 Dan Lungren (R)
CA-04 Tom McClintock (R)
CA-19 Jeff Denham (R)
CA-21 Devin Nunes (R)
CA-22 Kevin McCarthy (R)
CA-24 Elton Gallegly (R)
CA-25 Buck McKeon (R)
CA-26 David Dreier (R)
CA-40 Ed Royce (R)
CA-41 Jerry Lewis (R)
CA-42 Gary Miller (R)
CA-44 Ken Calvert (R)
CA-45 Mary Bono Mack (R)
CA-46 Dana Rohrabacher (R)
CA-48 John Campbell (R)
CA-49 Darrell Issa (R)
CA-50 Brian Bilbray (R)
CA-52 Duncan D. Hunter (R)

CO-03 Scott Tipton (R)
CO-04 Corey Gardner (R)
CO-05 Doug Lamborn (R)
CO-06 Mike Coffman (R)