Revealed: President Obama's Letter to Santa Claus
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Revealed: President Obama's Letter to Santa Claus

Mark Wilson/Getty Images


Text of the letter:

Dear Santa,

As you know, I’ve had a rough couple of years – but despite what you may have heard or seen in the polls, I’ve been nice. Really. It’s the Republicans who have been naughty. If you don’t believe me, the voters never will. I’ve tried to work with John Boehner on a Grand Bargain. I even played golf with him. But it's all been for naught, as in naughty. I thought the bin Laden thing would count for something, but when I mentioned to a supporter that I was writing to you, he suggested that I ask for a backbone.

I know you’ve already given me so much, like Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachmann. But I need more help. Here’s all I want for Christmas:

  • Please add an "s" at the end of “Obamacare” wherever it appears.
  • A Matchbox set that I can send to Congress where all the "off ramps" are blocked.
  • An extra percentage point of GDP growth. Or a percentage point drop in unemployment. Or both.
  • The book, “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In.”
  • A bag of White Castle burgers and some HoHos. (Michelle can be brutal about the snacks.)
  • A new set of golf clubs.
  • World peace. Had to put it on here. Maybe you could just do something about Ahmadinejad?

Merry Christmas,

Barack Obama