Sarah Palin's Letter to Santa Claus
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Sarah Palin's Letter to Santa Claus

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Text of the letter:

Dear Santa,

How are ya? I’m just checkin’ in because we’re practically neighbors. I think I can see your workshop from my front yard. I have been busy being a Mama Grizzly and snowmobiling with Todd and trying to figure out my next steps. It’s still not too late to make a run for the White House, but I’m hoping that "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" gets picked up for another season. At $1 million per episode, it’s better than being president. I sure do love this free market capitalism thing! But since I’ve been keeping a lower profile recently, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what this great nation of ours needs. And I think a few of these things might help me do my part:

  1. My own helicopter and an AK-47 so I can go hunting any time I want.
  2. A drill, baby. A drill.
  3. Running shoes for me. And some new dancing shoes for Bristol. I gotta keep that girl busy.
  4. Another shot at Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey, bless her heart, could then have the night off.
  5. A new interview with Katie Couric. I promise I’ll be better prepared.
  6. A spotlight.

All the best,

Sarah Palin