Celebrity Cars: The Ultimate Collector’s Item
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Celebrity Cars: The Ultimate Collector’s Item


Forget signed headshots or T-shirts: For true fans (or at least the wealthy ones) the standard memento just won’t do. They want the real deal, their idol’s car, and they’re willing to shell out big bucks to get it. 

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In an age when a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair can rake in a cool $40K,  it’s no surprise that a star’s set of wheels can get much more. A former celebrity owner can make both ordinary and outlandish cars extremely desirable for collectors and fans, increasing the price of a vehicle anywhere from a few thousand to several hundred thousand. After all, why settle for walking a mile in someone’s shoes when you could drive?

From Bing Crosby’s Aston Martin to a Maybach destroyed by Kanye West and Jay-Z, here are eight famous cars that are going once, going twice—sold!