‘Skyfall’: Sky High Bond Movie Box Office
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‘Skyfall’: Sky High Bond Movie Box Office

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Gold. Box office gold.

Skyfall, the 23rd film in the James Bond canon – and the third in which a more-rugged-than-suave Daniel Craig suits up as the British superspy – opens in the U.S. today, but it may already be on track to become the highest-grossing film in the 50 years of the franchise.

The first 007 movie to star Craig, Casino Royale, took in $594 million worldwide after its release in 2006, according to Box Office Mojo.

The new movie, directed by Sam Mendes, has already taken in more than $320 million in the 12 days since it was released overseas. With positive reviews, ubiquitous marketing and a wide release that will have it playing on more than 3,500 screens in the U.S., Skyfall is expected to deliver the best opening weekend of any Bond film ever. Industry analysts project box office receipts of more than $70 million, according to Variety, or even $75 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. The last Bond release, Quantum of Solace, took in $67.5 million (not adjusted for inflation) in its first weekend in theaters in 2008.

Here's how the 22 previous Bond movies have done worldwide, with the total adjusted for inflation:

Bond at the Box Office



StudioAdjusted GrossUnadjusted GrossRelease
1ThunderballUA$593,912,000 $63,595,658 12/21/65
2GoldfingerUA$526,422,000 $51,081,062 12/22/64
3You Only Live TwiceUA$285,077,700 $43,084,787 6/13/67
4MoonrakerMGM$222,408,900 $70,308,099 6/29/79
5Die Another DayMGM$219,017,200 $160,942,139 11/22/02
6Tomorrow Never DiesMGM$213,674,800 $125,304,276 12/19/97
7From Russia, with LoveUA$211,705,700 $24,796,765 4/8/64
8Diamonds Are ForeverUA$210,865,000 $43,819,547 12/17/71
9Casino RoyaleSony$201,903,700 $167,445,960 11/17/06
10The World Is Not EnoughMGM$197,339,200 $126,943,684 11/19/99
11GoldenEyeMGM$193,767,300 $106,429,941 11/17/95
12Quantum of SolaceSony$186,190,200 $168,368,427 11/14/08
13OctopussyMGM$171,135,000 $67,893,619 6/10/83
14The Spy Who Loved MeUA$166,770,900 $46,838,673 7/13/77
15Live and Let DieUA$158,700,600 $35,377,836 6/27/73
16For Your Eyes OnlyMGM$156,551,700 $54,812,802 6/26/81
17Dr. NoUA$150,085,000 $16,067,035 5/8/63
18Never Say Never AgainWB$139,726,000 $55,432,841 10/7/83
19On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceUA$127,344,700 $22,774,493 12/18/69
20A View to a KillMGM$112,564,500 $50,327,960 5/24/85
21The Living DaylightsUA$103,942,700 $51,185,897 7/31/87
22The Man with the Golden GunUA$89,046,900 $20,972,000 12/18/74
23License to KillUA$69,334,000 $34,667,015 7/14/89
TOTAL:$4,707,485,600 $1,608,470,516
AVERAGE:$204,673,300 $69,933,501
Source: Box Office Mojo