TFT’s Gift Guide for Surviving an Apocalypse – and the Fiscal Cliff
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The Fiscal Times
December 7, 2012

From Hurricane Sandy and snowpocalypses, to the fiscal cliff hysteria and impending Mayan calendar doomsday, everyone seems to have catastrophes on the mind.

While no one actually expects the world to end on December 21 (the prediction was debunked here by NASA scientists themselves), and many experts believe Congress will at least agree on a modest deal to avoid a full fiscal cliff calamity, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for the worst. Hurricanes, snow storms, earthquakes and tornados happen every year (and according to many scientists, are becoming more frequent), and deal or no deal on the fiscal cliff, the economy is still recovering and uncertainty in the global market abounds.

To help ease the minds of family and friends during these troubled times, here are 21 gifts to consider giving this holiday season.

Blaire Briody is a contributing editor at The Fiscal Times. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Popular Science, Publishers Weekly, among others.