TFT's Winners & Losers in Politics 2012
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TFT's Winners & Losers in Politics 2012

iStockphoto/The Fiscal Times

This year, The Fiscal Times has joined thousands of other media sites in listing our Winners & Losers of 2012.  For us, however, it’s been a real goldmine:  a year of fiscal foolishness, where cliff diving took on new meaning; financial funny business, where the banks paid huge fines for their risky behavior; and fantastic federal deficits, which continue to divide the country politically.  In the end, it all affects everyone – whether you consider yourself among the 47 percent, the 1 percent, or anything in between.

But that’s not all—our popular culture had a big impact on our economy as well as our behavior.  Will Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise pay off?  It sure paid off for Lucas who, like Warren Buffett, beat next year’s tax man.  Lucas closed his $4.06 billion deal last Friday.

Starting today, we’ll be rolling out Winners & Losers of 2012 lists—5 in all. We begin with "politics." Please add your comments and choices to ours.  We’ll include the best ideas from our readers and extend each list.
Meanwhile, from all of us at TFT, to all our “winning readers,” we wish you a Happy New Year.