The iPhone at 6: How Big a Hit Has It Been?
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The iPhone at 6: How Big a Hit Has It Been?

It’s been six years since the first iPhone hit the U.S. market and unleashed a smartphone revolution that has quickly transformed U.S. and global culture – and transformed Apple, too. As this infographic from Statista shows, sales of the iPhone alone now outpace total revenues at Fortune 500 giants such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Disney. From the original iPhone through the latest generation, Apple has sold more than 350 million of the devices.

Even as devices using Google’s Android operating system have opened a commanding lead in global market share – and phones like Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and SIV have raised doubts about whether Apple’s phone could keep its edge in “cool” – the iPhone can still generate plenty of buzz. Today, for example, it’s about the rumored September release date for the iPhone 5S along with speculation about more affordable variations with colored plastic casings.

Until that next generation of iPhones arrives, take a look back at the first six years of the smartphone that changed so much:

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