8 Must-Have Apps for a Perfect Summer
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8 Must-Have Apps for a Perfect Summer

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You’re always clutching your phone, right? Now that the weather is nice, don’t stare at your cell phone screen indoors – enjoy your technology outside.

Wherever your summer travels take you, these eight apps will help you get the most out of it. 

1. Mixologist Drink Recipes: You’ve mastered cracking a beer can open and twisting off the top of a glass bottle. Congratulations. Now, let’s try something more advanced. The free version of this app will give you a nice range of recipes. The $1.49 version will let you add custom cocktails to the library, locate a liquor store nearby and download the app’s content to your phone’s memory. Plus, you’re able to input the liquors you have on hand and find out which drinks you can mix.  iOS Android 

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2. Grill Guide: To the aspiring chef preparing to make a foray into the world of grilling, listen up. This app will do wonders in helping you prepare beef, chicken, fish, pork and vegetables. The free app won’t exactly teach Bobby Flay any new lessons, but it’s valuable for beginners in mapping out the time and temperature at which to prepare your food. iOS Android

3. EveryTrail: Kudos to you for getting off the treadmill and into the wilderness – or at least a trail with the sidewalk still in sight. This app allows you to track your route while you run, bike, hike or travel other ways. You can share photos and videos of your journey as well as choose from trips other global travelers have already plotted out. The free app allows you to upload your progress to EveryTrail.com, Facebook and Twitter. iOS and Android

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4. Bandsintown: Tired of missing live shows from some of your favorite bands because you realized too late they were in town? This app solves that problem based on your music library. It recommends artists based on your musical preferences and location and alerts you when they are playing a show nearby. iOS Android

5. GateGuru: Instead of squinting at itinerary papers you printed out to confirm your flight time and gate number, download GateGuru. This free app provides maps, weather updates, flight alerts, airport-specific tips and estimated TSA security checkpoint wait times. iOS Android

6. Rush Hour: For passing some down time on your trips, we thought it would be pertinent to include at least one puzzle game. Your goal in this sliding block puzzle, an adaptation of the board game version, is to get the red car out of the exit gate by moving the blocking cars and trucks. During each challenge, your movements are tracked against the minimum distance possible and you’re scored on how close you came to a perfect score. iOS

7. Gas Buddy: An app that aggregates the location and prices of gas stations with cheap gas near you? Check. You can even upload reports of cheap gas you’ve found and search for cheap gas by location ahead of time. iOS and Android

8. Packing Pro: This $2.99 will be worth it. Instead of scrawling your packing list on your wrist and forearm, use the app. You can create detailed lists and print or email them. It stores your lists with iCloud support and features an expert list assistant to compile lists based on information you provide. iOS

To our knowledge, there’s not yet an app for dispensing sunscreen – but that’s not an excuse to forget yours before heading out. 

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