First Superman Comic Book Auction Breaks $2 Million
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First Superman Comic Book Auction Breaks $2 Million

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A pristine copy of the first comic book featuring Superman is on track to set a new record as the most expensive one sold at auction.

As of Friday morning, there were different 30 bids for Action Comics No. 1, which is currently being auctioned on eBay, with the highest bid at $2.05 million.

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This is about $50,000 shy of the previous record of $2.1 million, which set a new benchmark three years ago when actor Nicholas Cage sold his copy of the same issue. There’s still a couple of days to bid before the eBay auction closes on Sunday at 11pm EST.

Action Comics No. 1 sold for 10 cents when it was published in June 1938. You can flip through the Action Comics No. 1 issue here.

Investing in comic books can be lucrative, but it’s rare that single copies bring that much money. In most cases, sellers can cash in if they sell a large collection, like this Kentucky man, who made about $1.5 million in June selling close to 200 comics, which he had accumulated for more than three decades.

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Investing in comic books doesn’t come without risks and some sellers have been disappointed in the past when their collections sold for much less than hoped.

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