CNN: Exit Polls Show an Angry Electorate
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CNN: Exit Polls Show an Angry Electorate


Early exit polling of voters Tuesday night by cable network CNN found a majority of voters angry at the government in general and unhappy with the direction in which the country is headed. Further, voters remain overwhelmingly worried about the state of the economy. 

According to the network’s finding, fully 80 percent of voters reported that they disapprove of Congress’s job performance. And the president and top lawmakers aren’t doing very well either.

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“Nearly six in 10 voters are either dissatisfied or angry with both the White House and Republican leaders in Congress,” the network reported. “Less than a third of Americans are satisfied with the Obama administration and GOP leaders.”

Of the voters CNN spoke to, 40 percent self-identified as moderates and 36 percent as conservatives, with the remaining 24 percent identifying as liberal. However, Democrats still retained a slight edge in terms of approval, with 44 percent reporting positive views of the party as compared to only 40 percent saying the same of Republicans. Obviously, that means both parties are viewed negatively by a majority of voters. 

One caveat: exit polls are not always reliable, as their results can be skewed by the time of day, the weather, and numerous other factors. 

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