10 Crazy College Classes That Cost Big Bucks
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10 Crazy College Classes That Cost Big Bucks

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With college costs soaring, new grads staggering under record amounts of debt, and a grim employment picture, you’d think students (and universities) would be buckling down and focusing on serious academic pursuits.

Wrong! Crazy courses are a long-time college tradition. But even in the wake of the Great Recession, course catalogs are still loaded with goofy, lightweight classes, and students still are lining up to take them. Many of these offbeat offerings are consistently enrolled to capacity, and some, like “Geology and Cinema” or “Sport for the Spectator” are among the most popular classes  on campus. On a per-credit basis, these classes cost just as much as organic chemistry or applied physics.

Here is our own (somewhat arbitrary) list of the 10 silliest college courses – and how much they cost. All of these are real courses at colleges and universities across the U.S. Some of them are offered every year, some every term; all remain part of the curriculum at their respective colleges.  

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