10 Ridiculously Desperate Job Seekers
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10 Ridiculously Desperate Job Seekers


The job search is never fun, but in today’s economic climate it‘s become outright painful. With unemployment at 9.1 percent in July, and the long-term unemployed at near record levels, millions of Americans find themselves without jobs, benefits, and often hope.

While many believe the burden should be on the government to create jobs and support the unemployed — 51 percent of Americans said job creation should be the government’s first priority, according to a recent Mellman Group poll — others are taking matters into their own hands and turning to increasingly extreme job seeking tactics.

Employers have shared applicant stories that range from loony (sending a hypnosis video with a resume), to delusional (putting God as a reference…without contact information), to maniacal (making a bomb threat during an interview). See our slideshow for some of the most desperate (though some might argue inventive) seekers. Some tactics have worked, some for good reason haven’t, but all demonstrate just how far some people will go to get a job.