Exclusive Survey: The Hottest Brands Among Millennials
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Exclusive Survey: The Hottest Brands Among Millennials

Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters

What products do millennials most covet? A May 2012 survey, "Millennial Shopping Behavior" of roughly 400 millennials ― those ages 18 to 30 ― answers that question. The nationwide survey was conducted exclusively for The Fiscal Times by Mr. Youth, a global social media agency and subsidiary of Lbi International.

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The survey indicated that millennials have a wealth of buying habits, with everything from apparel to recreational pursuits and alcohol making the list. Clothing was the most popular purchase, with 88 percent of respondents saying that was the most likely purchase, followed closely by a restaurant visit, at 81 percent. Old Navy was the most popular clothing brand, and Olive Garden was the restaurant of choice, followed by Red Lobster. Jewelry was another top category. While 38 percent of respondents opted for the more mainstream Kay Jewelers, luxury jewelry maker Tiffany's was a choice of 37 percent of respondents.

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