7 Olympic Sports with the Highest Training Costs
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7 Olympic Sports with the Highest Training Costs

Reuters/Damir Sagolj

This summer, the London Olympics started with a bang for a lot of bucks: the Opening Ceremony cost $42 million and $3,000 to attend. But what few realize is how much it costs the athletes to attend.

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For the majority of Olympians who don’t get medals or generous corporate sponsors, the rewards are largely symbolic while the costs are hard-hitting. Most have been training since they were young, 300 days a year, at a hefty price to cover equipment, facilities, coaches, and travel costs. Not to mention the health costs of physical therapists, masseuses, and chiropractors. Plus, there is the added expense of lost wages from forgoing full-time jobs…all for the chance at a gold medal, $25,000 in prize money, before taxes, and possible corporate sponsorships. 

Here are seven Olympic sports with the highest training costs.