The iPhone 5 Versus the iPhone 4S: A Comparison
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The iPhone 5 Versus the iPhone 4S: A Comparison

REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

When the iPhone 5 was announced the reaction from many people was "boring." They thought it looked too much like the iPhone 4S.

PHOTO GALLERY: Click Here to See How the iPhone 5 Compares to the iPhone 4S

Now that we have our own iPhone 5, we think those people are a little misguided. The iPhone 5 is a beautiful phone. It's thinner, lighter, and above all faster.

Apple was able to cut 1.7 millimeters off of the depth of the iPhone 5 and it is a noticeable difference. It weighs 112 grams, which is 28 grams less than the 4S. Twenty-eight grams and 1.7 millimeters might not sound like much, but they add up to make a pretty significant difference.

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