The 17 Best Political Films for Our Times
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The 17 Best Political Films for Our Times

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Politics are never more cinematic than the months prior to a presidential election. The two contenders, having been set up for a showdown, meet in a series of staged skirmishes before the final battle in which only one can be victorious. There are false dawns, the rising under- estimated contender, and, as we may have seen with September’s jobs data, October surprises. It all ends with a party where the winner kisses the girl and triumphant music plays us out.

For this reason, politics and movies can be a natural fit, encompassing both the most tried and true sports movie cliché's with the verbal thrust of a court room drama. But Hollywood can also show the darker side of the legislative process.  For every underdog that challenges the system and wins, there are twenty Fausts selling their soul for power, and Hollywood loves corruption every bit as much as redemption.

As we head into the climax of this election season, TFT takes a look at 17 of the best political films that still ring true today both in their ability to inspire our civic pride and to rattle our faith in the system.

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