U.S. Workers’ Biggest Gripes
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U.S. Workers’ Biggest Gripes


Americans like their co-workers, and even their bosses, but hate the stress that comes with their jobs. And they aren’t thrilled with their paychecks either.

The results of a Gallup poll released Monday find that most U.S. workers are less than completely satisfied by most aspects of their jobs. A shocker, we know.

Employees are most satisfied with the physical safety conditions at their workplace and are similarly happy with their coworkers. Of the 13 aspects of their jobs Gallup asked about, workers are least satisfied with the amount of stress their work entails and – another shocker here – the amount of money they make.

A third of workers said they are totally dissatisfied with the stress they face on the job; just 29 percent said they are completely satisfied with that aspect of their work. Just three in 10 workers are completely happy with their earnings, with almost the same proportion of workers saying they are totally dissatisfied by their financial rewards.

Workers are also relatively unhappy about their retirement and health-care benefits, and with their chances to get promoted. “The sharp decline in overall satisfaction with employer health benefits since 2008 may reflect the decline from roughly 50% to 45% over the same period in the percentage of American workers who have employer-based health insurance,” Gallup says.

The overall findings in the annual Gallup survey haven’t changed much from last year, or even from 2001, when the pollsters first started their annual tracking of these figures. Of the 13 categories Gallup asks about, only stress levels has improved from 2001.