Corporate High Rollers Wheel and Deal with Obama
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Corporate High Rollers Wheel and Deal with Obama

Getty Images (President Obama with Dave Cote of Honeywell)

Influential business leaders from some of the largest corporations in the country are playing a role in negotiations behind the scenes of the fiscal fight in Washington.

Obama met with 14 top CEOs Wednesday, partly to show that he really is pro business after all, and partly to mend fences after telling America that if you own a successful company "you didn't build that." 

Of course Congressional lawmakers met with them, too, not so much to prove their love as to show their gratitude for their contributions to their campaign war chests. The lawmakers are also interested in these CEO’s because their companies contribute to the country’s economy by employing thousands of American workers.

The CEO tug of war gives both the president and House Republicans a last ditch chance to drum up support for their dueling deficit reduction plans.

Each executive represents a company that has generously contributed to both presidential and congressional elections, and also has a special interest in lobbying on Capitol Hill.