Twas the Night Before 'Cliffness'
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Twas the Night Before 'Cliffness'

Stock/Reuters/The Fiscal Times

‘Twas the night before Cliffness and all through the House
They pined for a deal while the rest of us groused
The wealthy were moving their money around
To Islands and places where sultans abound

The children were watching the Colbert Report
On devices plugged in to a serial port
With my wife on her iPhone, and I on my Kindle
We knew that ‘no deal’ meant we all would be swindled

But just when the hope of a deal seemed to vanish
A man rang our bell, and he called out in Spanish
He looked like John Boehner, a bit orange and stiff
And his perfume was Old Spice if your nose caught a whiff

He said, "My Amigos" I come bearing news
There's no reason for you to be singing the blues
The government won't push us all over the cliff
But what it will leave us is hardly a gift

You'll pay more and get less, assuming you're able
It's a little like service from Time Warner Cable
Add Medicare cuts and surcharges galore
And pray that we finally get out of that war

You’ve had a sweet deal so don’t bother to whine
If you have a complaint, call the POTUS hotline
Still, Obama and Boehner are sure to agree
That taxes and cuts are the best guarantee

So tighten your belt and get over your plight
Merry Cliffness to all, and to all a goodnight