These Wall Street Jobs Can Still Make You Filthy Rich
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These Wall Street Jobs Can Still Make You Filthy Rich

Nick Bhardwaj/The Fiscal Times

Yes, Wall Street is still hurting, but there are still a few jobs that will make you a ton of cash, and eFinancialCareers has the latest numbers.

The most money is in alternative asset management — hedge funds, private equity etc. Those employees with experience levels up to 10 years make a 24 percent salary premium compared to your peers.

For bulge bracket banks (the JP Morgans, Goldman Sachs etc.), that premium is up to 20 percent, but the catch there is that you have to survive what has become a seemingly endless beat down of layoffs.

And you have to be working in the right sectors at bulge bracket banks.

According to eFinancialCareers, that means getting into commercial banking, accounting and finance, or capital markets, where jobs have exploded 217 percent, 112 percent, and 74 percent respectively in the last year.

On the other hand, jobs in derivatives, foreign exchange and money markets, and commodities are down 69 percent, 63 percent, and 62 percent respectively.

So keep all this in mind while you're making your next career move.

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