10 Golf Items to Make You Green with Envy
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10 Golf Items to Make You Green with Envy


It has been said that golf is a rich man's sport, but times have changed.

A Google search of the term "cheap golf" returns hundreds of thousands of results, some of which lead to courses with green fees as low as $17 a player.

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Clearly, the game is no longer the exclusive province of the wealthy. But that doesn't mean that sellers of golf-related luxury items have gone all wobbly, nor does it mean that their customers have, either.

Golfers with extravagant tastes are still vital to the game's culture, and upmarket brands such as MGM Resorts and Ferrari have the goods to sell them, at top dollar.

Here is a list of 10 high-end extravagances for the golfer who demands the best and for whom money is no object.

Read ahead to see what they are and, more important, what they cost.

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