The Eight Who Squared Off Against Putin and Lost
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The Eight Who Squared Off Against Putin and Lost

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After NSA-leaker Edward Snowden officially requested asylum in Russia on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that he better not get in the way of Russia’s relations with the United States,

If history is any indication, it’s best that Snowden take that warning seriously.

After all, Putin, a former secret agent, rules Russia with an iron fist while practicing judo and felling tigers in his spare time. The man isn’t someone most people would want to mess with. Just ask New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who stood by as the Russian president stole his Super bowl ring.

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And if Snowden wanted to flee the United States to expose its government’s wrongdoings and promote transparency, Putin’s Russia was a curious choice. Many that have dared crossing the Russian president have been exiled…a few have even mysteriously disappeared or died surrounded by unknown but suspicious circumstances.

If Snowden needs more proof, he should look no further:

Here are seven people (and one prized animal) that squared off against Putin and lost