The Poll That Could Make Democrats Give Up Obamacare
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The Poll That Could Make Democrats Give Up Obamacare

REUTERS/Jason Reed

The Obamacare rollout has been a disaster for the Obama administration, and now many Democrats are questioning whether backing the law is worth the political price. A new poll shows that continued support shows that the political instinct to abandon the bill might be right.  

According to a new Gallup poll , 56 percent of Americans now believe that the government has no role in providing heath insurance. Before President Obama took office, a clear majority of Americans believed just the opposite.

Republican opposition to an expanded government role in health care is not surprising. But the bad news for Democrats is that independents – the voters who decide elections – have turned against the law. Check out the chart below.

As recently as 2007, only 24 percent of independents believed the federal government had no role in health care. Since then, that number has more than doubled.

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“Fifty-five percent of independents currently say the government should not be involved with healthcare -- an increase of 28 points since 2000," Gallup found.

This poll is bad news for Democrats facing reelection in 2014, especially those in swing districts. Without support from independents, those elections are almost impossible to win.

For now, the majority of Democrats are standing behind the law. If this support puts their jobs on the line, expect this support to disappear, and disappear quickly.

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