Naughty or Nice: Santa’s Obamacare Dilemma
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Naughty or Nice: Santa’s Obamacare Dilemma

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Mr. C: Dear, I'm afraid I need your help with another toss-up.

Mrs. C: Oh, Nick. You're still not done? I've already cleaned up the workshop, picked up the sleigh from the shop and made dinner for the elves. You just had that one list to finish. What's taking you so long?

Mr. C: I'm almost done. Just stuck on this one last name.

Mrs. C: Jeff Bezos is planning deliveries by drone and you’re still futzing over your list of names? You’ve got to step it up. Who’s giving you so much trouble?

Mr. C: Barack Obama.

Mrs. C: Obama? Really? You really have turned into an old softie. Next you'll be telling me you’re not steamed at Megyn Kelly anymore. Obama's been naughty. Done. Now put the papers away and go say hi to Rudolph.

Mr. C: Well, ho-ho-hold on a minute. It's not that simple. What about Obamacare?

Mrs. C: What about it? I spent hours trying to log on to Do you have any idea how frustrating that was? And if you ever looked at a bill, you'd know what's happened to our premiums.

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Mr. C: Yes, yes. But we're getting that subsidy, right? Plus, like Obama said, a couple million people or more are now going to have health care as of New Year’s Day, and millions more people will be getting coverage because of the law. That has to count for something.

Mrs. C: Give it a rest, dear. All that money spent on a website that didn't work? And what about "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan"? Lie of the year! If that doesn't deserve a lump of coal, I don't know what does.

Mr. C: Now, now. You know the website is working, and all the other issues will get sorted out. In any case, these problems only affect about 15 percent of people. Obamacare has already helped a lot of others and it will do even more good over the long term.

Mrs. C: The only good thing to happen in health care this year was that obesity got recognized as a disease – and that was done by the American Medical Association, not Obama. At least you'll finally be able to get that gastric bypass.

Mr. C: Not gonna happen. Just pass the milk and cookies.

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