The Secret to Saving 30 Percent on Your Next Flight
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The Secret to Saving 30 Percent on Your Next Flight

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Travel experts frequently advise that being flexible with dates can save you a bundle on airfare, now new numbers give insight into how much you could save.

For domestic and international flights, you can save $40 on domestic flights and $60 on international flights by leaving on a Wednesday versus a Sunday, finds a new report from, that factored in both the average cost of the ticket and the popularity of the airport.  

For return flights, coming back from a domestic trip on a Tuesday rather than a Friday could save you $45; and returning from a trip abroad on a Wednesday rather than a Friday could save you $60.

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When you purchase your ticket matters, too. Buying a ticket on a Thursday rather than a Saturday will save you $10, while buying an international ticket on a Thursday instead of Sunday saves $25.

A flight that combines all the cheapest options (best day to buy, best day to leave, best day to return) costs 30 percent less than a flight combining the most expensive options.

Another way to net a better price on your flights it to consider airports that may be a little further from your home or your destination. Average airfare at Long Beach Airport, for example, is less than half the cost of airfare at Los Angeles International; and average airfare in White Plains, N.Y., is about half that at John F. Kennedy Airport, according to

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