$650K Buys NRA Influence and Votes

$650K Buys NRA Influence and Votes

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One of the ways the National Rifle Association has flexed its muscle on Capitol Hill over the years is by pouring loads of cash into lawmakers’ campaign coffers.  In fact, 213 members of the new 113th Congress, who may be voting on President Obama’s gun control proposals, received contributions from the NRA, the president’s biggest opponent.

The NRA contributed $650,000 to congressional candidates last year, with the lion’s share – or $583,646 – going to Republicans, according to the Washington Post. And 80 percent of the candidates who received contributions from the NRA won their races.   -   Read more at The Washington Post

WHO ARE THE NRA’S FAVORITES?    Here is a list of lawmakers who have received the most money from the NRA over the course of their careers, according to Business Insider.

1. Rep. Don Young (R - Alaska) — $71,250
2. Rep. Steve Chabot (R - Ohio) — $65,950
3. Rep. Pete Sessions (R - Texas) — $64,000
4. Sen. Roy Blunt (R - Missouri) —$60,550
5. Rep. Lee Terry (R - Nebraska) — $58,650
6. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R - Georgia) — $56,950
7. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R - Virginia) — $56,250
8. Rep. Nick Rahall (D - West Virginia) — $56,000
9. Rep. Tom Latham (R - Iowa) — $50,750
10. Rep. John Dingell (D - Michigan) — $49,700

-  Read more at Business Insider

IS THE GOP IN DANGER OF LOSING THE HOUSE? Some Republicans are beginning to think so. After seeing a slew of polls showing the public’s disapproval of their handling of the fiscal cliff talks, many GOP lawmakers and conservative groups worry that more botched negotiations over the debt ceiling could seriously hurt their chances of keeping the House.  -   Read more at The Hill

OTHERS SAY HOUSE REPUBLICANS ARE IN GOOD SHAPE     While Democrats are vowing to wage an all-out-blitz to take control of the House in 2014, Politico reports that the Dems will have trouble overcoming barriers posed by redistricting.  In fact, there’s reason to believe that the 2014 playing field favors the Republicans. There are 15 Democrats representing Republican-leaning districts, meaning Democrats will have to work hard just to maintain their current membership in the House.  -  Read more at Politico

NY REP: GET RID OF THE DEBT CEILING     Already sick of the debt ceiling debate, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.,  introduced a bill on Wednesday to get rid of the debt limit all together. The “Full Faith and Credit Act” would repeal the 1939 debt ceiling law, which Nadler says “has no practical purpose and has come to be used for political maneuvering that can have devastating economic repercussions.” And he’s not alone. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, as well as top economists including Moody’s Analytics’ Mark Zandi, have also expressed frustration with the debt ceiling law and have suggested it be repealed, though all agree that’s probably not  going to happen any time soon.   -  Read more at the Associated Press

Brianna Ehley is the former Washington Correspondent for The Fiscal Times. She is currently a reporter on Politico's health care team in Washington, D.C.