Analysts See Markets Moving Higher into Year End

By Patti Domm,CNBCSeptember 21, 2014
With higher rates in mind and the end of the quarter looming, investors may find it time to adjust portfolios as...

The Bad News About All the Singles in America

By Hailey Lee,CNBCSeptember 21, 2014
Singles are taking over the nation. For the first time, most American adults aren't married. But fewer marriages...
6) Lexington, MA

Fall Travel Is Up and So Are Prices

By Amy Langfield,CNBCSeptember 20, 2014
Leisure and business travelers considering fall travel are likely to find slightly higher hotel prices this season...

How Child Care Is the Economy’s Hidden Driver

By Knowledge@Wharton,Knowledge@WhartonSeptember 20, 2014
So you’re going to have a baby. Congratulations! It goes by fast, so enjoy it. Oh, and pardon the unsolicited...

Three Questions Roger Goodell Didn’t Answer

By Rob Garver,The Fiscal TimesSeptember 19, 2014
In his press conference Friday explaining the NFL’s response to a rash of domestic violence arrests among its...
New York City, USA

Apple iPhone 6 Generates Plus-Sized Global Buzz

By Yuval Rosenberg,The Fiscal TimesSeptember 19, 2014
Shoppers in 10 countries around the world — including Australia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, the U.K. and U.S. —...

This Farming Town Wants Its Hospital Back

By Lisa Gillespie,Kaiser Health NewsSeptember 19, 2014
BELHAVEN, N.C. - People in this one-stoplight farming town really want their hospital back. The July 1 closure of...
5) Burger King

Can Washington Get Its Act Together to Stop Tax Inversions?

By Knowledge@Wharton,Knowledge@WhartonSeptember 19, 2014
At the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference on September 9, Merck CEO Ken Frazier told investors he wouldn’...

Kansas Court Decision: GOP Senate Race No Longer a Slam Dunk

By Eric Pianin,The Fiscal TimesSeptember 19, 2014
The battle for control of the Senate was scrambled once again late this week when a ruling by the Kansas Supreme...

How a Few Missing College Credits Could Kill Your Career

By Amy Langfield,CNBCSeptember 19, 2014
Thousands of "college graduates" may actually not have completed their degrees, but they don't even know it,...

Retirement Nomads: How One Couple Makes It Work

By Mark Miller,ReutersSeptember 19, 2014
For Americans looking to retire abroad, deciding where to live can be a challenge. But Lynne and Tim Martin took...

Political Pandering Makes Obama Tip Hand to ISIS

By David Francis,The Fiscal TimesSeptember 19, 2014
President Obama has been caught between the DOD and politics to reveal his ISIS strategy to the enemy.

GOP Contenders in 2016 Lash Out at Obama ISIS Plan

By Eric Pianin and Maureen Mackey,The Fiscal TimesSeptember 19, 2014
For a handful of Republicans who aspire to the White House in 2016, Thursday’s Senate debate about granting...