Ryan arrives to hold a committee hearing on the topic of U.S. economic growth at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Obamacare Substitute in the Works from Ryan, Upton, Kline

By David Morgan,ReutersJanuary 31, 2015
Three top U.S. Republican lawmakers, including Representative Paul Ryan, will lead an effort to craft new health...

We’re Still Afraid of Running Out of Retirement Money

By Aron Levine,CNBCJanuary 31, 2015
When considering the biggest regrets of 2014, most of us think of common year-end responses, such as what we ate...

ISIS Takes Oil Facility in Northern Iraq

By Stephen Kalin,ReutersJanuary 31, 2015
Islamic State insurgents on Saturday seized a small crude oil station near the northern Iraqi city Kirkuk where 15...
Passersby walk in front of the Shake Shack restaurant in the Manhattan borough of New York, December 29, 2014.  REUTERS/Keith Bedford

4 Ways Shake Shack Is Not Like a Tech IPO (Despite Its Price)

By Amey Stone,The Fiscal TimesJanuary 30, 2015
The burger chain may be acting like a hot tech startup, but it's business is different in ways that really matter...
Analysis: As hurricanes loom, Florida insurance lives on borrowed time

Look Who’s Worried About Global Warming Now

By Eric Pianin,The Fiscal TimesJanuary 30, 2015
One important byproduct of the two weeks of Senate debate leading up to Thursday’s 62-to-36 vote to pass the...
A depot used to store pipes for Transcanada Corp's planned Keystone XL oil pipeline is seen in Gascoyne, North Dakota November 14, 2014.  REUTERS/Andrew Cullen

These 9 Democrats Went Out on a Limb for Keystone

By Eric Pianin,The Fiscal TimesJanuary 30, 2015
As promised, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Thursday pushed through legislation to circumvent...

Why the Disappointing GDP Report Is Actually Good News

By Tim Mullaney ,The StreetJanuary 30, 2015
Sooner rather than later, the market will figure out that Friday's below-forecast first estimate of fourth-quarter...
		<p>You might get a flag for vandalizing the field and destroying the goal post, but with the right corn chip, you'll be in heaven.  The guacamole (mashed avocado, grated onion, lime juice, a touch of cilantro, salt and pepper) is not artificial turf.  T

25 Great Finger Foods for the Super Bowl

By Nicole McDermott,GreatistJanuary 30, 2015
The Super Bowl is all about football, booze, commercials, and most importantly: snacks.
Super Seahawks walking in a Winter Wonderland

The Super Bowl’s Economic Impact: Not So Super

By Mike Cassidy,The Fiscal TimesJanuary 30, 2015
Super Bowl Sunday is nothing if not a celebration of excess. Consider: 184 million Americans age 18+ plan to watch...

One Month in, 2015 Already Looks Like Trouble for the Markets

By Anthony Mirhaydari,The Fiscal TimesJanuary 30, 2015
With the first month of the new year coming to a close, it's clear that 2015 is shaping up to be quite different...
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin Just Sent Nuclear Bombers Over the English Channel, Seriously

By Rob Garver,The Fiscal TimesJanuary 30, 2015
Everybody knows Vladimir Putin wants to turn back the clock on the decline of the Soviet Union, but on Thursday,...

Obama Sets Stage For Big Budget Showdown with GOP

By Eric Pianin,The Fiscal TimesJanuary 30, 2015
While both Obama and GOP leaders have called for compromise in helping middle-class Americans and in strengthening...

Trouble with Our Armed Drones in Yemen

By Mark Hosenball, Phil Stewart and Matt Spetalnick,ReutersJanuary 30, 2015
The United States is facing increasing difficulty acquiring intelligence needed to run its stealth drone program...