• A selection of Glock pistols are seen for sale at the Pony Express Firearms shop in Parker

    How Much Would It Cost to Arm Teachers as Trump Proposed?

    What would it cost to arm more teachers is America’s schools, as President Trump has proposed? The Washington Post’s Philip Bump did some back-of-the-envelope math to try to find the answer. Bump...

  • How to Get Congress to Do Its Most Basic Job

    Congress may have agreed on a massive two-year budget deal this month, but the government is still running on a short-term spending bill through March 23. Earlier this week, USA Today’s Deirdre...

  • July 21, 2014

    Are We Turning the Dials the Wrong Way?

    “Federal fiscal policy is entering uncharted territory,” Goldman Sachs economists Alec Phillips and Blake Taylor warned Sunday in a research note. Their title: “What’s Wrong with Fiscal Policy?” You...

  • America's Staggering Defense Budget in One Chart

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    The military news site Defense One examined the White House’s budget request for the Pentagon and mapped it against levels seen since the second world war. The site found that, “According to...

  • A War Within the VA

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    A White House official emailed a political appointee to the VA late last year about ways to oust Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin, The New York Times reports. Shulkin says people in his...

  • Government Borrowing Headed for 8-Year High

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    The U.S. Treasury announced Monday that it expects to borrow $441 billion in the current fiscal quarter (January to March), the largest amount since the depths of the Great Recession in 2010. The...

  • One Big Problem for the State of Our Union

    President Trump’s State of the Union address will be analyzed and deconstructed for days. Was he “presidential” ? Unifying? Did he go off script? Can this moment possibly serve as a “reset” of his...

  • A red traffic light stands in front of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington

    Budget Deficit to Top $1 Trillion in 2019: Report

    By Susan Cornwell, Reuters

    As the U.S. Congress limps toward the likely passage next week of another stopgap spending bill to avert a government shutdown, a Washington think tank has estimated the federal budget deficit is on...

  • The Economic State of the Union in 8 Charts

    By Yuval Rosenberg and Michael Rainey

    It’s Super Bowl week, but before we get to the big game on Sunday, we’ll see the Super Bowl of political set pieces Tuesday when President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address. Trump...

  • U.S. President  Donald Trump (C) dellivers remarks after attending a swearing-in ceremony for Defense Secretary James Mattis (R) with Vice President Mike Pence at the Pentagon in Washington, U.S., January 27, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

    Trump’s Bombshell 2019 Defense Budget

    President Trump is due to unveil his 2019 budget next month, and it once again will include a whopping increase in proposed defense spending, according to The Washington Post . Trump is expected to...

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