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  • District of Columbia

    Congress Has a Lot to Do Before Summer Break

    By Michael Rainey

    With the tax cuts passed and the White House increasingly focused on foreign policy, Republicans in Congress have set many of their top agenda items – from Obamacare repeal to immigration reform – on...

  • Trump delivers remarks about prescription drug prices at the White House in Washington

    Why Trump's Plan Isn't a Cure for High Drug Prices

    President Trump on Friday delivered a long-awaited speech outlining his administration’s blueprint for lowering prescription drug prices. Calling his plan “the most sweeping action in history to...

  • Consumers Brace For Premium Hikes While Lawmakers Grasp At Remedies

    By Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News

    As some insurers angle for hefty premium hikes and concerns grow that more Americans will wind up uninsured, the federal health law is likely — once again — to play big in both parties’ strategies...

  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speak at the National Press Club in Washington

    What’s the Democrats’ Midterm Campaign Message?

    House Democratic leaders are looking to hone their messaging for the midterm elections, The Hill reports — but it’s not an easy task. “As an early indication of the challenge they face, even party...

  • The First $1 Million Drug?

    By Meg Tirrell, CNBC

    In the paradoxical world of drug pricing, the first U.S. price tag exceeding $1 million for a medicine is being contemplated as the nation's agita over the cost of prescription drugs climbs ever...

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