The 12 Movies You Should See This Summer
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The 12 Movies You Should See This Summer

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This season, as the blockbuster enters its 40th year (1975’s “Jaws” being the…ahem…Universal choice for the first of its kind), the megamovie shows no sign of slowing down in midlife. The usual parade of super heroes, space invaders, shootouts, and swimsuits will be splashed across the silver screen this summer as Hollywood attempts to sell you some entertainment to go with your popcorn and air conditioning.

Though “Jaws” was a midsummer release, it was 1977’s “Star Wars” that really made Memorial Day the kick off weekend of the blockbuster season. The past few years have seen releases pushed earlier and earlier into May as the release calendar gets overcrowded. This year, for instance, summer tent poles such as “Godzilla” and “The Amazing Spiderman 2” have already been released well in advance of the holiday weekend.

As each week brings dozens of contenders and pretenders for the crown of “Biggest Hit of the Summer,” the field can certainly be overwhelming. 

Here are TFT’s 12 choices for the must-see movies of Summer 2014.