13 Gadgets the 1 Percent Should Take to College
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13 Gadgets the 1 Percent Should Take to College


Hangers, pillows, alarm clocks. The typical shopping list for college students can be pretty boring, but if you want to work, eat and play in style on campus, and money is no object, these 13 must-have gadgets are for you.

The average college student and their family will spend $916.48 this year on dorm furniture, school supplies and electronics, up 10 percent from last year, and totaling $48.4 billion in college spending for the year, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2014 Back-to-School Survey.

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Rich college students and children of the 1 percent will easily spend that much on one single item.

“Having a longer list of items to buy that are also commonly known to be pricier than their younger counterparts, college students and their families are the real ‘golden geese’ when it comes to school shopping,” said the NRF in a press release Thursday.

“Retailers hoping to get a head start on this extremely competitive shopping season, will attract these millennials with promotions through Instagram and other social channels, as well as through content that speaks to these tech savvy, fashion-forward students,” noted the NRF.

Items on this list range from less than $80 to $2,000 and can assist you in your work assignments, help you throw the best parties on campus or make your commute to class more efficient. There’s even a high-tech cooking pan to help you heat up those Ramen noodles faster than ever.

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