• A monitor shows the general index inside the Athens Stock Exchange February 9, 2015. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

    Is It Time to Start Selling 100-Year Bonds?

    By Michael Rainey

    With the U.S. facing a $12 trillion deficit over the next decade, the Treasury Department is exploring ways to maintain robust demand for American debt. One option being considered is the sale of “...

  • Why Trump’s New Infrastructure Push May Already Be Doomed

    By Michael Rainey

    President Trump called for a big jump in infrastructure spending in last year’s State of the Union address, asking lawmakers “to produce a bill that generates at least $1.5 trillion for the new...

  • Work crews work to replace a bridge over the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston

    A Fiscal Hawk Argues for Infrastructure Investment

    By Michael Rainey

    The stimulus from the GOP tax cuts and the bipartisan increase in federal spending in 2018 is starting to fade, says Diane Swonk, chief economist at the tax and advisory firm Grant Thornton. Writing...

  • F/A-18 Super Hornet lands on the deck of USS Ronald Reagan at the South China Sea

    Rethinking the 355-Ship Navy

    By Michael Rainey

    The U.S. Navy set a goal in 2016 of growing the fleet to 355 warships, a big jump from the current fleet size of 287 ships. Experts, however, say the goal is unrealistic in the absence of a...

  • USS Gerald Ford carrier - $38 billion

    Navy Orders Two New Aircraft Carriers, Claiming Billions in Savings

    By Michael Rainey

    The first in a new class of supercarriers, the USS Gerald R. Ford was delivered to the Navy years behind schedule and billions over budget. The $13 billion ship‘s aircraft launching and retrieval...