The Top 10 Tech Gifts for 2015
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The Top 10 Tech Gifts for 2015


Of all the types of people to buy Christmas gifts for, one of the hardest has to be the “techie.” You know the type — the one who shuns paperback books, downloads or streams his movies and already has every gadget and gizmo known to man.

If you are, by comparison, a Luddite, then these people are notoriously hard to buy for. Sure, you can go the impersonal route, and get them the tried-and-tested Amazon gift card, but that ease comes at the expense of thoughtfulness.

Luckily for you, we’ve delved into the depths of online marketplaces across the Internet, and surfaced with an assortment of possible gifts to buy your tech-besotted friends and family. From toys to trinkets, from smartwatches to cell chargers, you’re sure to find something here to charge up some holiday cheer.

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