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Statement of Purpose

The Fiscal Times (TFT) is digital news, opinion and media service devoted to comprehensive quality reporting on vital fiscal, budgetary, health care and economic issues. TFT strives to become one of the most trusted sources of news, opinion, and research on fiscal policy and its effects on the country at large, including business and consumers.

The Fiscal Times is an editorially independent enterprise, written, edited and produced by experienced professional journalists, that provides an array of original reporting and analysis. It also publishes curated content from its partners, including The Washington Post, CNBC, Business Insider, and Kaiser Health News, and research data important to understanding government policy and economics.

The publication is part of a new era of independently supported non-partisan journalism, and emerges in part from the increased demand for ongoing news coverage of fiscal policy in the wake of one of the worst recessions in history. TFT works to present fair, accurate and balanced reporting and serve as an honest broker in sorting through a broad range of viewpoints.

The senior editors of The Fiscal Times have sole responsibility for the selection, editing and display of articles, graphics, illustrations and video that appear on the site. The editorial staff operates from offices in New York and the National Press Building in Washington, D.C.

The Fiscal Times has been organized as a limited liability company (LLC) and is owned and funded by Peter G. Peterson.

The Fiscal Times Statement of News Principles

  • We strive above all to present fair and accurate information in every original news article that we publish.
  • We will not rush to publish information without regard to accuracy, bias, or other distortions.
  • We quickly and carefully post corrections on any errors of content.
  • We strive to name our sources of information and exempt only those who may provide essential information and insist on anonymity. We will let readers know whether a source is associated with groups that also lobby.
  • All contributors and staff must avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest that could jeopardize the accuracy of the information we publish, or create an impression of bias. This includes accepting free junkets, favors, or financial reward that would compromise the reporting of a story.
  • Our staff does not lobby or engage in political activity around the issues we cover. Content contributors must disclose to editors any past and present connections to government and the industries we cover.
  • The Fiscal Times does not endorse political candidates.
  • We do not declare positions on fiscal issues in editorials as the voice of TFT.
  • When we share content or resources with other organizations, we will disclose the nature of these relationships and the affiliations of these organizations as best as we are able. We will avoid relationships that would compromise the integrity of the principles laid out here.
  • Excepting news briefs and aggregated content, all stories will be by-lined.
  • The use of an alias or pen name is only acceptable under certain conditions, which include potential physical or financial harm to the person or, in the case of whistle blowers who reveal information that could expose nefarious acts, anonymity requested by law enforcement agencies.
  • We will not edit reader comments, but we reserve the right to remove any comment that violates our guidelines of obscenity, etc.
  • Blog posts must respect the rules of civil discourse in order to be published.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee consisting of leading professional journalists and public policy experts monitors the operations of The Fiscal Times. It periodically meets with TFT editors and executives to assess performance and progress in meeting its goals and standards.

Robert D. Reischauer, President of the Urban Institute and former director of the Congressional Budget Office

Drew Altman, President and CEO of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and former commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services

Jim Brady, President, Digital Strategy, Allbritton Communications and former executive editor of washingtonpost.com

Jodie T. Allen, senior editor of the Pew Research Center, former managing editor and political columnist for U.S. News & World Report, and editor of the Washington Post Sunday “Outlook” section

G. William Hoagland, CIGNA Corporation’s Public Policy Group director and former policy and budget adviser to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) and staff director of the Senate Budget Committee


Editor in ChiefJacqueline Leo
Washington EditorEric Pianin

New York Bureau

Managing EditorMaureen Mackey
Executive EditorYuval Rosenberg
Life + Money EditorBeth Braverman

Washington Bureau

National CorrespondentRob Garver
National CorrespondentTimothy R. Homan
Washington CorrespondentBrianna Ehley


Product ManagerJosh Herr
Design DirectorAlexander Rader
Technical ProducerAndrew Lumby
Production CoordinatorCarla Springer

Business Development

Audience DevelopmentJosh Stelzer
Advertising ManagerJeffrey Czaplicki

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