Vegas, Baby! All the Weird Stuff You Can Bet on for Tonight’s Trump-Clinton Debate
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Vegas, Baby! All the Weird Stuff You Can Bet on for Tonight’s Trump-Clinton Debate

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Las Vegas is the location for tonight’s Trump-Clinton debate, but you don’t have to travel to get a piece of the action. In an election that already has more in common with professional wrestling than recent American politics, you can place so-called “proposition bets” on tonight’s debate.

Much like sports books offer bets on the Super Bowl about who will win the coin toss, or how many times the Left Shark will miss the dance steps, Bovada is offering the opportunity to win some cash by picking which candidate will interrupt first (Donald Trump is a heavy favorite) or what TV network will have the most viewers.

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The online sports book is also taking action on the overall outcome of the election, with the line on Hillary Clinton at -500, meaning you’d have to bet $100 to win $20, and Trump at +350. Predictwise currently favors Clinton with a 90 percent chance of winning, so Bovada’s line seems a little loose, given their line for baseball’s American League Championship Series favors the Indians, one game away from winning, at -600.

Other prop bets available to gamblers looking to make the debate a little more interesting:

  • How many times will “WikiLeaks” be said? (Over/under 3.5)
  • How many times will Donald Trump say "Tremendous"? (Over/under 8.5)
  • Will Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shake hands before the debate begins? (Even money)
  • Will the third presidential debate garner more viewers than the second? 

A good bet tonight is the over/under on how many times Trump will say “rigged” or “rig.” At 4.5, the over should be easy money.