Trump’s Historically Low Approval Rating Proves One Thing – He’s Doing It His Way

Feb 17 2017

It may be no surprise to the majority of Americans that Donald Trump’s job approval rating is unprecedented compared with nine other presidents during their first year in office, as Gallup shows in a new poll. Typically, a new president enters the Oval Office with high approval ratings since most Americans want him to succeed. Assuming he doesn’t make too many blunders, the president gets the benefit of the doubt and is given time to set the ship right.

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Trump’s mistakes, however, are piling up almost as quickly as his executive orders, and people are beginning to understand that Trump’s behavior in the White House is the same we had on the campaign trail -- tweet for tweet, rant for rant, exaggeration for exaggeration.

Gallup isn’t the only litmus test of the new president’s performance. Here are the others, from Real Clear Politics: