Trouble for Obamacare Enrollment
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Trouble for Obamacare Enrollment

Axios’s Sam Baker says that the initial reports about Obamacare enrollment this year will prove to be misleading.

People keep saying enrollment is going well. It's not. Sure, the number of people signing up each day appears high. That doesn't mean much when the enrollment period is half as long as it was last year. In about two weeks, open enrollment is going to end, and the overall number is going to be low, and a lot of the public is going to be confused about what happened, after they kept hearing about how enrollment was so much stronger than last year. That hasn't been the case since the first week of the sign-up window, and it certainly is not the case now.”

So far, nearly 2.8 million people have signed up for 2018 coverage, compared to 12.2 million who signed up last year.

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