Trump Threatens to Veto Spending Bill Over NY-NJ Train Tunnel Funding

Mar 8 2018

President Trump has threatened to veto a $1.2 trillion congressional spending bill if it provides an estimated $900 million in funding for a long-sought commuter railroad tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey, Politico reports.

Trump “is concerned about the viability of this project and the fact that New York and New Jersey have no skin in the game,” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told lawmakers Tuesday.

Trump reportedly may also be looking to trade money for the tunnel, a priority for Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, in exchange for funding for a border wall with Mexico.

But as the political battle over paying for the $12.9 billion tunnel project plays out, the president’s veto threat further complicates efforts to push through an omnibus spending bill by March 23 to avoid a government shutdown.