Record Support for Obamacare
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Record Support for Obamacare


The latest poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that the Affordable Care Act is viewed more favorably by Americans than ever before. About 55% of the public now say they have a favorable opinion of the health care law, the highest reading since Kaiser began tracking the issue in 2010.

The ACA remains a partisan issue, however. The most recent reading “is largely driven by a continued support among Democrats with 85% now expressing favorable views compared to 53% of independents and 18% of Republicans,” Kaiser said. “A majority of Republicans (77%) continue to hold unfavorable views towards the law.”

The Kaiser poll of 1,207 adults, which was conducted February 13 to 18, 2020, also found that a majority backs the idea of a national health care plan: “About half (52%) of the public favor a Medicare-for-all plan in which all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan, while two-thirds favor a public option that would compete with private health plans and be available to all Americans.”