Beth Braverman

Beth Braverman

Contributing Editor Beth Braverman covers all aspects of personal finance. Formerly a senior reporter at MONEY magazine, she has also been a newspaper reporter and trade magazine editor.

Recent Stories By Beth Braverman:

  • What College Students Worry About MostMarch 29, 2017

    Millions of prospective college students are on edge this month, as they eagerly await the results of their college applications. The biggest driver of stress around college admissions, however, is...

  • Gas Prices Are Rising: Here’s How Much Filling Up Will Cost This SummerMarch 28, 2017

    While gas prices remain relatively low, they’re higher now than they were last year and that has some consumers concerned about future price hikes. A new AAA survey finds that nearly a quarter of...

  • The ATM of the Future Is Here – Now You Can Get Cash Without a CardMarch 27, 2017

    Wells Fargo today became the first major national bank to allow customers to use ATMs without a physical card. The 20 million Wells Fargo customers who use the bank’s mobile app can now access its 13...

  • Are the Health Apps on Your Phone Lying to You?March 24, 2017

    Health apps for mobile devices have seen explosive growth in recent years, but some apps may be promising more than they can deliver. Three such apps reached a deal this week with New York Attorney...

  • 6 Tips for Selling Your Home in This Year’s Wild MarketMarch 24, 2017

    Tight inventory and strong demand for homes means that it will be another seller’s market in most parts of the country this spring. That’s good news for home sellers, who have a chance to list their...

  • That’s a Lot of Peeps: Why Easter Spending Will Set a Record This YearMarch 23, 2017

    Easter spending will hop to its highest level ever this year. Americans celebrating Easter will spend an average of $152 per person, collectively laying out $18.4 billion, a 6 percent increase over...

  • Bad News for First-Time Homebuyers in 2017March 22, 2017

    Even as millions of Millennials find themselves reaching the secure financial footing necessary to consider homeownership, in many parts of the country there just aren’t many houses for them to buy....

  • 8 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance BillMarch 22, 2017

    If you got sticker shock the last time you renewed your car insurance, you’re not alone. Car insurance rates are on the rise across the country. Rates climbed by an average of 16 percent last year to...

  • 15 Ways to Save on Your WeddingMarch 22, 2017

    Today’s couples are inviting fewer guests to their weddings, but they’re spending more than ever on the events. A new report from wedding planning site The Knot found that the average cost of a...

  • Need to See a New Doctor? Get Ready for a Record Long WaitMarch 21, 2017

    Here’s one potential (if somewhat grim) upside to millions losing insurance coverage under the proposed Republican health care plan: Those who remain insured may be able to see a doctor more quickly...

  • Falling Short on Retirement Savings? Here’s How Most People Plan to Catch UpMarch 21, 2017

    More than half of workers are currently saving for retirement, but many of them acknowledge that they’re not saving enough to feel secure in their ability to retire comfortably. A new survey from the...

  • College Endowments Take a Big HitMarch 20, 2017

    College endowments had a tough year in 2016, losing money even as the overall stock market racked up double-digit gains. The endowments of 805 U.S. colleges and universities returned an average of -1...

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