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  • $70 Million in Pot Taxes Light Up Washington StateJuly 8, 2015

    July 8 is the first anniversary of legal recreational marijuana sales in Washington state. Folks who inhale aren't the only ones who will celebrate the one-year mark. So will the Evergreen State's...

  • No W-2? Here's How to FileJanuary 27, 2014

    You're still waiting for your W-2. You know you're getting a refund and you want to file your return, but it's something you can't do until you receive your annual wage statement. The Internal...

  • Don't Make These Top 10 Tax MistakesOctober 9, 2013

    Thanks to tax preparation software, more of us are making fewer mistakes on our annual tax returns. But still, just one slip in entering information on your computer could end up costing you, either...

  • 7 Ways to Get Organized for Tax SeasonJanuary 9, 2013

    Even if your tax situation hasn't been complicated in the past, recent changes could cause headaches for many taxpayers -- and there's still documentation the Internal Revenue Service demands from...

  • 6 Tax Moves to Make Before the Year EndsDecember 6, 2012

    Savvy taxpayers know they need to make some tax moves before each new year to lower their tax bills when they file their returns next year. In 2012, however, those tax tasks are complicated by the...

  • Your Money: Over the Cliff and Into Tax HellDecember 3, 2012

    In a few weeks, tax laws U.S. taxpayers have enjoyed for more than a decade are scheduled to expire. Along with long-standing and historically low tax rates, several popular tax credits and...

  • The Fiscal Cliff: 9 Key Tax Laws Set to ExpireNovember 12, 2012

    With the election decided, the national focus now is on the impending fiscal cliff. The fiscal cliff is the financial precipice that lawmakers must negotiate as various tax increases and spending...

  • Taxes: 10 Expenses You Should Never DeductApril 12, 2012

    Every tax-filing season, the great quest by filers is to find the most tax deductions. But there are some deductions you should steer clear of. If you claim these wrong write-offs, you'll deduct...

  • 12 Things to Do to Prepare for Tax Day 2012February 14, 2012

    In recent years, as Congress crafted new laws such as housing bills, health care reform or extended tax provisions such as the Bush-era tax cuts, lawmakers were careful to make sure that no major...

  • Teen Jobs and Tax IssuesJune 4, 2010

    A summer job is a classic rite of passage for teenagers. But teen jobs can be a source of aggravation for young workers and their parents who aren't prepared to deal with the potential taxes. When...

  • Tax Write-Offs for Job Hunting May 17, 2010

    You can deduct many of your job-hunting expenses. That's not that surprising, since it's in the Internal Revenue Service's best interest to have you earning taxable income. Uncle Sam's...

  • Made a Mistake? Form 1040X to the RescueApril 30, 2010

    How could you have missed that when you did your final filing review and hit "send" or dropped your return in the mail? What can you do about it now? As it turns out, plenty. The...

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