Jennifer Depaul

Jennifer Depaul

JENNIFER DEPAUL is a producer and writer for The Fiscal Times in its Washington bureau. She covers economic related stories and is always on the hunt for a good story. Her goal is to continue learning as much as possible about the rapidly evolving and somewhat tumultuous world economy. She formerly worked for CBS in Boston as an assignment editor and freelanced for several New Hampshire newspapers. She is a graduate of Franklin Pierce University and received an MA in International Journalism from Cardiff University. She loves wine, travelling and hopes to own a vineyard in Italy one day.

Recent Stories By Jennifer Depaul:

  • Parents to Students with Debt: 'We're Buying Insurance in Case You Die'March 27, 2013

    When my parents first announced at Thanksgiving that they were taking out a life insurance policy on me, I was taken aback and slightly offended. In fact, I thought it was a cruel joke. Why would...

  • New Gov't Shutdown Averted with $1.1 Trillion DealDecember 16, 2011

    Congress signed off on a massive $1.18 trillion government spending measure on Friday that  averted another feared  government shutdown this weekend and showed that bipartisanship is occasionally...

  • How to Fix the SEC in 28 Easy StepsDecember 14, 2011

    The Securities and Exchange Commission needs fixing – fast. That’s the message of a new report issued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, which urged a major structural overhaul of the...

  • Inept Congress Heads Toward Another Train WreckDecember 14, 2011

    This week is shaping up as a fitting finale to a year in which the federal government narrowly escaped a shutdown and default on the U.S. debt and Congress invented a star-crossed “Super Committee”...

  • Paying for the Payroll Tax Cut: Higher Housing Fees?December 9, 2011

    As Democrats and Republicans continue to wrangle over how to pay for extending the payroll tax cut, one option floated by both parties on Capitol Hill is to tap into mortgage giants Fannie Mae and...

  • Ryan's New Budget Proposals: Zero Chance of PassingDecember 7, 2011

    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., and members of his committee unveiled a set of 10 bills on Wednesday that would change the congressional budget process in what Ryan said is an...

  • The Debt Debacle: Why Alan Simpson Is Mad as HellDecember 1, 2011

    The failure of the congressional Super Committee has former Sen. Alan Simpson fuming. Simpson, who along with Erskine Bowles authored an ambitious deficit-reduction plan largely ignored by President...

  • The Angriest Democrat in Congress Attacks ObamaNovember 30, 2011

    Democratic Rep. Dennis Cardoza wants you to know he is angry – really angry – about the state of housing in this country, and he holds one politician more responsible above all others: President...

  • The $23 Billion ‘Amazon Tax’ LoopholeNovember 29, 2011

    Shoppers flooded retailers on Black Friday looking for door buster deals and setting new records for holiday sales. Then they scoured the web for the best holiday bargains on Cyber Monday, the e-...

  • Goldwater’s Disastrous Prophecy Has Come TrueNovember 22, 2011

    For some conservatives, the failure of the Super Committee to reach agreement on at least $1.2 trillion of deficit reduction savings over 10 years is welcome news and underscores GOP solidarity in...

  • Housing Is Showing Faint Signs of LifeNovember 20, 2011

    After years of unending gloom, a few faint glimmers of hope have emerged in the housing industry this fall. The rental market has surged to a three-year high. While homebuilder sentiment is still low...

  • Super Committee Super Bowl: Scoring the Big GameNovember 18, 2011

    As we head into another big football weekend, a budget Super Bowl of sorts is playing out on Capitol Hill, where the 12 members of the bipartisan Super Committee are making a desperate fourth-quarter...

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