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Hailey Eber

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  • "Breastaurants" Take Aim at HootersMarch 9, 2012

    It's been about 15 years since I was last in Hooters on a family vacation that took a strange turn one hungry, lost afternoon, but little seems to have changed. “It definitely needs an overhaul,”...

  • Google Reminds Us What It’s Really Selling: UsFebruary 1, 2012

    In 2009, Datamation, a long-running website that covers information technology, published a published a prescient piece with the headline “Google’s Business Model: YOU Are the Product.” The post was...

  • Pan Am, Terra Nova, and 5 More of TV’s Priciest PilotsSeptember 26, 2011

    In the age of DVRs, YouTube, Blu-Ray players, Netflix Instant and BitTorrents, the television networks are having to work harder than ever to entice viewers. So like a rich old man trying to woo a...

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