David Francis

David Francis

David Francis is an editor-at-large for The Fiscal Times. In addition to reporting for The Fiscal Times, he has written for The Christian Science MonitorFinancial Times Deutschland, and Deutsche Welle and has also contributed to World Politics Review, SportsIllustrated.com, and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among others. He has reported from all over the world on a number of topics, from transatlantic relations, to border security, to finance, and has spoken about his work at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies, and the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and a master’s from Georgetown University.

Recent Stories By David Francis:

  • Nine Terror Groups Gunning for the United StatesOctober 7, 2014

    Few had heard of ISIS before it sent the Middle East into chaos. Now, American lives and dollars are attempting to stop the group from forming a caliphate in the Middle East. ISIS isn’t alone: There...

  • Afghanistan: No End in Sight to America’s Longest WarOctober 2, 2014

    Last week, the United States signed a bilateral security agreement that will end America’s longest war. Unfortunately, that war won’t be over for another decade, and could last longer than that. ...

  • Why the War Against ISIS Could Be Doomed to FailOctober 1, 2014

    The United States is conducting air operations to stop ISIS on two fronts. First, it’s destroying hard targets in Syria to disrupt the safe haven the group has created there. Second, American planes...

  • Midterm Voters Drop National Politics for Foreign PolicySeptember 28, 2014

    Since last year’s Obamacare website debacle, many Democrats in vulnerable seats in the coming midterms thought that the best strategy to hold office was to distance themselves from President Obama’s...

  • The War No One Is Watching Just Got Much WorseSeptember 26, 2014

    While the fight against ISIS has drawn the attention of Washington and the international community, the security situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating quickly. Chopping off heads seems to be a...

  • The U.S. Is Trying to Stop an Ebola PandemicSeptember 25, 2014

    The White House’s $750 million stake to stop the spread of the Ebola virus could not be higher, with millions of lives and billions of dollars at risk if the dreadful virus spreads out of control....

  • Obama’s Tough Talk May Not Be Enough to Beat ISISSeptember 24, 2014

    Back in 2011, President Obama was criticized when one of his advisers said that the White House strategy to oust Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was to lead from behind, allowing others to lead with...

  • The ISIS Coalition Is a Major Victory for ObamaSeptember 24, 2014

    The coalition formed by the United States to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq is unlike any in modern U.S. military history because of the countries involved as well as the countries that are sitting it...

  • Why Turkey is the Key to Solving ISIS and RussiaSeptember 23, 2014

    Turkey, a country that’s stuck between a path toward strict Islamism and transition to a contemporary European nation, now finds itself in the middle of two major global crises. It’s been elevated in...

  • The Defense Dept.’s Small-War Model May Be DOASeptember 21, 2014

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was brought in last year to oversee a wholesale change in culture at the Pentagon. He was charged with reining in an out-of-control budget, implementing spending cuts...

  • Political Pandering Makes Obama Tip Hand to ISISSeptember 19, 2014

    President Obama’s efforts to assure the American public that no American troops would fight in Iraq have put him at public odds with the Pentagon while giving ISIS an extraordinarily clear picture of...

  • Does Scottish Independence Spell Victory or Doom?September 17, 2014

    Tomorrow morning, some 4.2 million Scots will take to the polls to decide whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or break away. If they stay, they would preserve the last vestiges of the United...

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