Janna Herron

Janna Herron

Janna Herron, a senior editor for The Fiscal Times based in New York, oversees the Life and Money channel that covers financial issues that touch people and their families. Before spending a year and a half as a freelance journalist, Janna covered credit cards and credit reports/scores for Bankrate.com. She also reported on real estate and housing for The Associated Press for five years during the run-up and aftermath of the housing crash in 2006. During her career, Janna has received two awards from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, a Peter Lisagor award and was a finalist for a Gerald Loeb award. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Drama from Duke University.

Recent Stories By Janna Herron:

  • Here’s Why You Owe the IRS So Much in Taxes This YearFebruary 21, 2017

    Many Americans cross their fingers at tax time, hoping for a huge refund from the federal government. At the very least, they want to break even. The vast majority of filers — more than 70 percent —...

  • 7 Common Tax Mistakes That Could Cost You ThousandsFebruary 17, 2017

    There aren’t many people who like doing their taxes, but it’s even worse when you end up paying Uncle Sam more than is necessary. Unfortunately, one in five Americans who did their own taxes paid an...

  • The Happiest and Unhappiest States in AmericaFebruary 16, 2017

    Americans feel better about their lives now than at any point since the Great Recession. But their level of happiness largely depends on where they live. Overall well-being in the U.S. reached a...

  • 12 Tax Breaks Every Homeowner Needs to KnowFebruary 13, 2017

    Whether you renovate your kitchen, sell your home or simply pay your monthly mortgage, Uncle Sam has a tax break for you. Overall, there are two tax credits, six deductions and four other tax rules...

  • Which State Has the Highest Property Taxes?February 8, 2017

    Griping about taxes is a time-honored American tradition dating back to the very founding of the country. But as much as Americans don’t like taxes, we harbor a particular dislike for property taxes...

  • Love, Lust and Chocolate: Valentine’s Day by the NumbersFebruary 8, 2017

    Showing your love on Valentine’s Day is going to take a little more cash this year, according to an index that tracks costs associated with the holiday. Of the nine items included in the index...

  • 12 Facts We Now Know About President TrumpFebruary 6, 2017

    Phew, what a dizzying few weeks: Protests, travel bans and fake massacres have made this an eventful time, to say the least, with our commander-in-chief signing executive orders at a blistering pace...

  • Is Trump’s Travel Ban Already Hurting US Tourism?February 3, 2017

    President Trump’s controversial travel ban may end up keeping out more people than he originally intended. Early evidence suggests that fewer would-be travelers from Canada, the United Kingdom and...

  • Budweiser’s Super Bowl Message: Immigrants, They Get the Job DoneFebruary 2, 2017

    The company that makes Budweiser — the popular brew that rebranded itself as “America” last summer — appears to be wading into the nation’s immigration debate in the wake of President Trump’s travel...

  • Why Is My Cable Bill So High? 7 Fees Hiding in the Small PrintFebruary 1, 2017

    Why does it cost a small fortune for cable TV? Add in internet and phone and you’re probably shelling out over $100 a month for these services. In some areas, cable bills are pushing past $200 a...

  • 5 Reasons It Will Be Harder to Buy a House in 2017January 26, 2017

    Nearly 5.5 million previously lived-in homes were sold last year, making 2016 the strongest for the housing market since 2006. But sales slipped in 2.8 percent from November to December, according to...

  • 10 Key Tax Deadlines for 2017January 24, 2017

    Everyone knows April 15 as tax day, but the deadline for filing this year is different — April 18 — due to calendar quirks. There are also a number of other important dates that could affect your...

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